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Wizard of Oz DIY Family Halloween Costume

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For 2017, we decided to go with Wizard of Oz for our family Halloween Costume!

Each year, I keep thinking one of our kiddos is going to bail out on the family Halloween costume idea. “I want to do my own costume!” “Family costumes are dumb!” I can hear them saying these things in my head, yet each year I am able to sell them on how awesome it will be to have a family costume and how AWESOME their INDIVIDUAL costume will be. This year was no different!

To be really honest, this may be my favorite year yet. It was fun to have all six of us dressed together, and I really loved making so many parts of the costumes. The pieces of the costumes were not complicated at all, and could honestly be done by anyone.  They were no-sew, and I used a stapler and hot glue gun on almost everything! My kind of costumes! They did take a fair amount of time, just due to the sheer volume of pieces, but I feel like it was 100% worth it.

Let me show you how easy!


The Dorothy costume consisted of the following:

  • White leotard (We bought ours on Amazon because we didn’t have white already, but you could definitely use something you already have in your stash)
  • Blue and white tutu (Check out our tutu tutorial here)
  • Blue gingham apron front and blue gingham hair bows
    • For the apron, I cut a rectangle of fabric, cut a hole in the middle for the head, and used iron-on interfacing to attach the tie to the main part of the apron. For the rest of the apron, I folded over the edges and hot glued them down. Could you sew this? Absolutely! However, I am much better with a glue gun than with my ancient sewing machine. If you want this to last through many wears or washes, sewing is recommended over hot glue.
    • For the hair bows, I simply cut long rectangles of fabric and tied them around the half braids in her hair. Simple!

  • White ruffle socks
  • Red glitter shoes
    • The shoes were really fun to make, although you could definitely buy these as well. We started with some white high heels that had flowers on the toe (in full transparency, I HATED these shoes and really wanted them to disappear one day…luckily she agreed to let us make them into her costume). We removed the flower, painted on a fairly think coat of Mod Podge, coated with chunky red glitter, let dry for 30 minutes, painted on a second coat of Mod Podge, coated with a second layer of red glitter, and lastly coated with a final layer of Mod Podge. After 24 hours of dry time, these looked great and were ready to wear. You can see the steps in the photos.


The Wicked Witch of the West costume consisted of the following:

  • Black leotard
  • Green and black tutu (Check out our tutu tutorial here)
  • Green and Black Striped Socks
  • Black shoes
  • Witch Hat
  • Witch Nose
  • Green face paint
  • Broom (For the broom, we used a wooden pole from our garage, cut it down to two feet long and attached some grass decor from a home store. We attached the grass with some twine and it looked legit.)


The Glinda the Good Witch costume consisted of:

  • Pink leotard with six layers of tulle stapled to the shoulders (This tulle made the sleeves look puffy like Glinda’s real sleeves)
  • Pink and silver glitter tutu (Check out our tutu tutorial here)
  • White heels with glitter stars (The glitter stars were cut from silver glitter card stock and attached using glue dots so they could be removed later)
  • Silver crown (For the crown, I cut the shape of the crown from white craft foam, spray painted the foam silver, and decorated it with self-adhesive rhinestones and glitter glue. The back of the crown was simply 1-inch elastic stapled to each side of the foam.)
  • Wand (The wand is silver glitter card stock attached to a dowel spray painted silver)


The scarecrow costume consisted of:

  • Brown eye shadow to make his dark nose
  • Bucket hat
  • Striped shirt
  • Brown sweat pants

On each of the clothing items, we hot glued some tan felt for the patches and some gold pillow tassel to look like straw. The “straw” also helped it from being too uncomfortable as he crawled around, which is the reason we didn’t use real straw.


The Tin Man costume consisted of:

  • Hat (For the hat, we spray painted a plastic funnel silver and attached a small strip of elastic to go under the chin.)
  • Silver face paint and silver hair spray
  • Silver bow tie (I used some silver cosplay fabric from our local craft store, cut a strip of fabric, and tied it into a bow tie. I attached a small strip of elastic to go around the neck.)
  • Tin torso (For the torso, I used the same silver cosplay fabric and hot glued it to a piece of standard poster board. I cut some circular holes for the arms, and attached the back with some gray ribbon. On the front, I attached some button covers to look like the bolts on the front.)
  • Gray shirt and silver leggings under the torso
  • Silver shoes (I took some generic Crocs-style shoes and spray painted them silver.)
  • Axe


The Cowardly Lion costume consisted of:

  • Lion Accessory Set (Mane, gloves, and tail)
  • Lion shirt (For the shirt, I cut a large rectangle of fur looking fleece, cut a hole in the center for his head, and stapled the sides together for a super simple top.

[We agreed that he could wear shorts and flip flops if he participated on top 🙂 ]

I had so much fun creating these costumes and so much fun seeing the kiddos look great!

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